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Life Care Planning Services

ORN Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) are Registered Nurses who hold additional industry designations such as Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) – reflecting substantial hands-on experience.

Our seasoned Life Care Planner Experts will:

  • Create Life Care Plans based on clinical expertise in traumatic and catastrophic injury.
  • Provide a comprehensive report outlining all reasonable medical, psychological, and rehabilitation needs over life expectancy.
  • The projected cost of care will be itemized and documented based on research conducted in accordance with industry-accepted life care planning methodology.
  • Insurance companies who want to accurately set reserves, and plan cost and payout timeframes.
  • Attorneys seeking to establish the long term medical needs and future costs for their clients as well as for education and presentation to the courts when litigation is involved.
  • Individuals or their guardians who need assistance with the planning and money management concerning health care expenses.

If your case requires management and care coordination, we also provide medical case management services.

Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) are Registered Nurses and Rehabilitation Professionals who hold additional industry designations such as Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) – reflecting substantial hands-on experience. As a result, you can be confident with the analysis, research, and cost projections you receive as you plan for the current and future needs of individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury.

A comprehensive projection of all reasonable medical, psychological, and rehabilitation needs that will arise as a result of the injury or health condition over the patient’s life expectancy. The monetary value of each projected need will be itemized and documented based on research conducted in accordance with industry-accepted life care planning methodology.

A Certified Nurse Life Care Planner or life care planner expert witness can assist with the following areas:

  • Head injury
  • Amputation
  • Orthopedic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Burns
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Multi-trauma incidents

Depending on the nature of your injury or case, we also provide legal nurse consultants and vocational expert witness services to assist in a variety of medical and legal situations. 

Seasoned And Experienced In Crafting Life Care Plans


Clinical/Legal Expertise

Our medical experts have the expertise and hands on experience not only in clinical but legal settings as well. Our team has an extensive history in working with medical and legal professionals to understand the complex processes required for creating a realistic life care plan.


Comprehensive Reports

Our nurse life care planners perform granular medical records reviews ensuring the accuracy needed when developing elaborate medical write-ups. We work with all medical professionals involved with care to create detailed, precise, and accurate reports that may be needed for care.


Medical Cost Projection

Occupational Resource Network’s life care planner experts help create cost detailed and data driven medical cost projection models for patients. These projection models assist in determining lost wages and medical costs associated with injury and resultant disability.

“Work Is Not A Separate Compartment Of A Person's Life. Work Is The Central Structure Which Gives It Purpose And Meaning.”

Mary Switzer

Vocational Rehabilitation Pioneer

Certified Professional Consultants In Rhode Island and Massachusetts


Founded In 1995

Stephanie Hart Nowell and Nancy Segreve established Occupational Resource Network in 1995. Their Certified Nurse Care Planners are well known and trusted providers in the legal, professional, and personal community for detailed, unbiased and accurate life care plans. Years of knowledge and experience have equipped them to handle cases of any level of complexity.


Our Process - Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning Consultation

What Can I expect?

OR Network’s medical experts are experienced nurses that will conduct a detailed review of your medical records and recommended care to provide the most comprehensive and complete life care plan. 

A well-crafted life care plan can be used for months, years, or for the remainder of a patient’s life. This requires a professional approach that fully understands the complexity in each individual’s case as well as the compassion that ensures the patient’s needs are being met. 

By utilizing a methodical approach trusted by most professionals, our plans are used to project lifetime cost of care, loss of income due to injury, illness, disability, chronic health condition, malpractice claims or legal cases. Our certified medical case managers can assist in care coordination and much more.

Comprehensive Consultation

Life care planning can take time. We like to conduct an initial in-depth analysis of needs and goals to provide the most complete analysis possible.

Gathering Documents and Records

Once expectations have been set, we will collect all medical documents and records that can help us with your case.

Provide A Detailed Plan

After reviewing your records, we will create a life care plan accurately and with your best needs in mind for your specific injury or case.

We Are Ready To Help With Your Plan

Our dedicated team of talented and certified professionals are ready to discuss your case.


What Can Life Care Planning Assist With?

From helping plan medical care to gathering details for a legal case, a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner has the expertise needed to craft a plan that is both accurate medically and financially.

Occupational Resource Network works with a team of qualified and Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP), who hold additional industry licenses such as Certified Case Managers (CCM) and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRN). Our certified experts and nurses have been involved with creating custom care plans for even the most complicated cases. 

No matter the cause of your case, we ensure the details of your situation are reviewed thoroughly to make sure you’re receiving the most holistic management of your medical and financial care.

Catastrophic Injury

We help victims of life-changing injuries coordinate their treatment to help plan and provide consistent care based on best practices for their needs.

Psychological Care

Life Care Planners work by assisting medical professionals involved in determining the best mental health care plan for patients dependent on their case.

Lost Wages

Life Care Planners will utilize current labor market data to determine lost wages based on professional earnings prediction models.


Navigating long-term care costs can be a complex process. We can orchestrate the planning of rehabilitation care and services.
ORN Certified Life Care Planning

Our Mission:

To provide customized and creative services necessary to resolve the complex issues employees and employers face in the workplace.