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Occupational Resource Network’s vocational experts are hands-on, clinically-trained practitioners with extensive experience in vocational assessment and evaluations, career counseling and job placement. Our comprehensive analysis will examine an individual’s specific vocational profile within the framework of the local labor market and determine an individual’s employability and earning capacity.

You will receive a report that is objective, defensible, and that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the facts of the case or insurance claim. During litigation, you can expect skilled vocational expert witness testimony that will reflect unparalleled expertise in the interpretation of employment and wage data.

A vocational expert will analyze an individual’s specific vocational profile within the framework of the local labor market and determine an individual’s employability and earning capacity.

An expert can provide a vocational assessment in a divorce hearing with the results being used to establish income expectations in divorce and spousal support cases. Vocational experts can also assess lost wages from the result of an injury.

Look for vocational experts that are certified rehabilitation counselors (CRC’s) with demonstrated testimony experience. Confirm that their professional experience includes career counseling and job placement services.

You can expect a seasoned vocational professional with extensive experience in vocational assessment, career counseling and job placement. Reports that are objective, defensible, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the facts of the case. Testimony that will reflect unparalleled expertise in the interpretation of employment and wage data.

We have been accepted and testified as experts in courts in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire in matters relating to:

  • Personal Injury
  • Divorce
  • Employment Law
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Federal Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Act

We also provide legal nurse consultant and expert witness services for a variety of case types.

Work With Unparalleled Vocational Expert Witnesses


Expert Witnesses

Our professional vocational rehabilitation expert witnesses are certified rehabilitation counselors (CRC) and seasoned practitioners bringing decades of experience and knowledge to your case. 


Seasoned In Litigation

Our deep knowledge of the litigation process translates into less “hand holding” to get our experts up to speed and adding value to your case. With 20 + years of experience, we are well-versed in occupational assessment.


Prepared For Any Case

From worker’s compensation and personal injury to divorce and civil matters, our expert witnesses have likely been involved in a similar case. We’re a leader in providing the full spectrum of vocational services.

“Work is not a separate compartment of a person's life. Work is the central structure which gives it purpose and meaning.”

Mary Switzer

Vocational Rehabilitation Pioneer

Certified Professional Consultants In Rhode Island and Massachusetts


Since 1995

Occupational Resource Network, established in 1995 by Stephanie Hart Nowell and Nancy Segreve, has become a trusted provider of medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, and expert testimony for the insurance industry, employers and the legal community. Known for the ability to handle complex and time sensitive cases, we bring years of experience across a broad spectrum of service sectors.


Step by Step - Vocational Expert Testimony

ORN Vocational Expert Witness Testimony Services

What Can I Expect From A Vocational Expert?

Occupational Resource Network brings over 20+ years of experienced and certified professional rehabilitation counselors (CRC). We provide vocational expert witness testimony to ensure you are getting a fair, accurate, and objective evaluation of employability and earning potential. After our initial consult, we work with our clients to help determine whether a vocational expert or a legal nurse consultant would be a better fit for your case.

Our expert vocational rehabilitation experts bring many years of professional experience across a broad range of services and sectors to work side-by-side with our clients in helping create customized solutions to match individual needs. We maintain a high quality of standards to ensure you are getting the best solution for your specific case needs. From divorce and disability to personal injury and worker’s compensation cases, we are here to assist in a variety of cases.

Collect Information Regarding Your Case

Is a vocational assessment or life care plan required? We'll work with you to understand what's needed.

Examine Case Objective

Understand the unique positioning of your case and the quantifiable data points that can strengthen it.

Set Expectations & Discuss Fees

We'll make sure you understand our transparent fees before reviewing deliverables for your case.

We're Here To Help Every Step Of The Way

Our dedicated team of talented and certified Vocational Assessment Consultants and Rehabilitation Experts are ready to discuss your case.


we work hard
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Our expert counselors have experience in a variety of industries in helping clients receive fair and unbiased vocational assessments that can provide unparalleled expertise to interpret case damages. We have provided expert testimony and vocational rehabilitation and evaluations in a multitude of settings and pride ourselves on providing our clients with a professional team who will work with them to provide accuracy and data specific information. 

We are proudly accepted by and have testified as vocational experts in courts across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. 

Personal Injury

We provide expert testimony for even the most challenging cases. A vocational expert will determine how an injury may effect employability.


Our divorce vocational experts are certified counselors that can help assess employability and earning potential to ensure a fair outcome.

Employment Law

Vocational rehabilitation expert witnesses can objectively help with documentation and determining damages in a variety of employment settings.

Worker's Compensation

We bring our experts with experience in vocational rehabilitation to a variety of workers comp cases to evaluate your unique situation.
Occupation Resource Network Vocational Expert Testimony

Our Mission:

To provide customized and creative services necessary to resolve the complex issues employees and employers face in the workplace.