Ergonomic Evaluation Training & Assessment Services


Ergonomic Evaluations and Assessments

Occupational Resource Network consultants have specialized training and experience and will help you “fit the job to the person” while maintaining the integrity of the job requirements. The ergonomic worksite evaluation is a preventative measure that allows you to decrease the risk of injury to an employee by addressing body mechanics and work station design.

You can expect:

  • Cost effective strategies and solutions as well as on-site ergonomic evaluations of the workplace and trainings.
  • Restructuring of work tasks, simple redesign of workstations, adaptive techniques or tools, and instruction on proper body mechanics.

We can provide training to fit your company’s needs:

  • Individual Assessment: The certified ergonomic evaluation specialist will observe the worker to identify potential risk factors. These factors are addressed and solutions are implemented.
  • Group Training: These seminars are specifically tailored to your company philosophy and result in employees learning how to recognize risk factors and employers to implement ergonomic training and strategies independently or through “train the trainer” models.
  • An employer would use an ergonomic workplace evaluation to prevent time out of work due to injuries caused by stress and eliminate injuries associated with bad posture, the overuse of muscles, and repetitive tasks. Our specialists are also able to provide computer workstation ergonomic evaluations for employers to help identify other risk factors for work injury.
  • A victim of a serious injury may require an evaluation to aid in redesigning their workplace so they can return to work after convalescence.

Certified specialists are Registered Nurses and Rehabilitation Professionals who hold additional industry designations such as Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN). Additionally, they also have specialized training in posture, biomechanics, physiology,  and techniques for assessing musculoskeletal position and movements. As a result, you can be confident that their recommendations will successfully improve working conditions by significantly lowering risk to injury.

You can expect a comprehensive analysis that will include suggestions for redesigning a workstation while also coaching the user on how to improve their own biomechanics to ensure maximum benefit from their new working environment. We will also provide an ergonomic workstation evaluation checklist to help maintain a proper workstation and keep an injury-free workplace into the future.

A specialist can provide employers with:

  • Workstation evaluation checklists
  • Ergonomic workplace evaluations
  • Computer workstation ergonomic evaluations

These evaluations can help redesign your office and workstations to help prevent injuries like:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Stiff Neck and Headaches
  • Tendonitis
  • Repetitive Movement Issues
  • Lower back pain
  • And more….

We also offer vocational rehabilitation expert services to assist with work readiness and planning. 

Ergonomic Evaluation & Assessment Specialists


Workplace and Worksite

An ergonomic workplace evaluation helps both managers and workers restructure their work tasks and redesign their work stations in order to improve comfort and prevent injury. A certified evaluation specialist will provide adaptive techniques, tools, and instruction on using and maintaining proper body mechanics.


Groups Assessments

We provide group assessment seminars that are specifically designed with your company’s needs in mind. These self-assessment tools can be used by employees to recognize certain risk factors for musculoskeletal injury. Once risk factors are recognized, employees can implement strategies to stay ergonomically correct without outside direction.


Individual Evaluations

Occupational Resource Network’s certified specialists will work one-on-one with individuals and employees to identify potential risk factors for occupational injury. Once identified, we will assist in redesigning their workspace as well as help them become more mindful of behaviors they can avoid to reduce injury risk in the future.

“Work Is Not A Separate Compartment Of A Person's Life. Work Is The Central Structure Which Gives It Purpose And Meaning.”

Mary Switzer

Vocational Rehabilitation Pioneer

Certified Professional Consultants In Rhode Island and Massachusetts


It Started In 1995

Stephanie Hart Nowell and Nancy Segreve established Occupational Resource Network in 1995 with a mission to help provide ergonomic solutions for employers and employees alike. Their Ergonomic Evaluation Specialists are well known and trusted providers of workplace and individual assessments that fit the needs of all clients.


Getting Started - Ergonomic Evaluations & Assessments

ORN Can Assist Employers With Ergonomic Services

What Are The Next Steps?

OR Network’s certified specialists will comprehensively assess the unique needs of every individual and workplace alike.

A well crafted ergonomic worksite evaluation plan can provide benefit to both employees and businesses for years to come. Lowering the risk of lifelong injury to workers while reducing the number of sick days taken is a win-win that we strive for with every client we work with.

OR Network’s plans will include cost-effective strategies and solutions for reducing workplace injury by restructuring work tasks, suggesting simple redesigns of workstations, utilization of adaptive tools and techniques, and instructing employees on the use of proper body mechanics, as well as provide on-site training sessions.

If you’ve sustained an injury or illness that have impacted your ability to work, contact our offices to discuss our vocational rehabilitation services.

In-Depth Analysis

We will shadow employees in their daily work and make note of areas of improvement that can be made with equipment and their own behavior.

Observations & Evaluations

We use our field observations and years of experience to interpret results and make recommendations accordingly.

Custom Crafted Plans

We will update your existing ergonomic plan, or provide you with a brand new one that fits your company’s present needs.

Our Professionals Are Ready To Help

Our dedicated team of ergonomic specialists are ready to help you with any questions.


How Can An Ergonomic Evaluation Help My Workplace?

For employers, office ergonomic evaluations trainings are a cost-effective way to reduce an employee’s work-related injuries before they manifest. They can also save companies time by reducing the need for costly workers’ compensation deliberations. 

For employees, an ergonomic workstation evaluation can prevent undue discomfort and create working conditions that are happier, healthier, and more productive. Furthermore, implementing a new ergonomic plan can facilitate currently injured staff coming back to work quickly while lowering their risk for reinjury.

No matter your goals, we ensure the details of your case are reviewed thoroughly by a certified specialists to make sure you’re receiving the best possible plan for your business, work, and health.

Safeguard Your Workplace

Having an ergonomic plan prepared can be the difference between productive hours and sick time.

Employee Care Solutions

Ergonomic workstations are an easy way to extend your company’s concern for employee health and wellbeing.


Returning to work after an injury can be difficult, we can educate you to help safeguard against reinjury while on the job.

Cost Effective

When comparing the costs, a plan from an ergonomic evaluation specialist is much cheaper than workplace injury litigation.
ORN Assists Employers With Company Ergonomics

Our Mission:

To provide customized and creative services necessary to resolve the complex issues employees and employers face in the workplace.