Vocational Rehabilitation


Vocational Rehabilitation & Assessments

ORN vocational consultants are nationally certified rehabilitation counselors (CRC) with years of experience working with adults who have sustained injuries or illnesses that impact their ability to work. We strive to facilitate employment which, in the long term, results in an income comparable to the earnings the employee had prior to the injury and consistent with the rehabilitation hierarchy.

Services may include:

  • Vocational Evaluation and Assessment of Work Readiness
  • Vocational Testing
  • Career Counseling & Exploration
  • Job Analysis, Work Site and Job Modification
  • Job Seeking Skills Training & Strategic Support
  • Job Development and Placement Assistance
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Training-on-the-job
  • Formal training

When you have suffered an injury or received a chronic diagnosis that will affect your ability to work and generate income going forward.

  • Catastrophic injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputation, and Burn Injury.
  • Injuries incurred in the office, like: repetitive motion, back pain, neck pain, headaches, or nerve pain.
  • Situations in which job site modification may be needed to accommodate your work.

Additionally, our certified ergonomic evaluation specialist can provide ergonomic worksite and workplace evaluations to assist with back to work transitions.  

Vocational rehabilitation counselors should have extensive clinical experience in addition to a nationally recognized certification like Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN). Our counselors hold these designations in addition to years of conducting vocational evaluations and assessments of work readiness.

A certified vocational rehabilitation counselor will work in depth with you to make sure your transition back to working life is as seamless as possible. After reviewing your medical records and assessing your work readiness, they will help you develop a plan to begin working again. Whether it involves modifying your current work site or moving to a new career to better fit your skills, we will assist you every step of the way.

A vocational rehabilitation counselor can assist with the following:

  • Career Counseling & Exploration
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Worksite and Job Modification analysis and implementation
  • Job Development and Placement and Assistance
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Training-on-the-job
  • Formal Job Training

If your case requires vocational expert services, including expert witness or testimony, our consultants have extensive experience in a variety of sectors, including employment and civil cases.

Well Versed In Vocational Rehabilitation & Assessments


Evaluations & Assessments

Every client’s skill set and vocational needs are different. That is why our experienced staff conduct in-depth evaluations based on medical records and a client’s physical readiness to work and then assess what the best job options would be for them as they restart their working lives.


Career Counseling & Exploration

If a client is not able to resume their previous career after their traumatic event, we help them begin the search for a new career. We begin by providing job seeking skills training and by serving as their advocate as they navigate their new prospective work options.


Job Training & Strategic Support

Once the client has found employment in their new career, we aid with training to adapt to the demands of a new position and potential limitations. We perform worksite and job analysis’ to make suggestions for any job modifications that may be needed to help fulfill their working potential.

“ORN helped me find a job using my current skills. With their resume, mock interview and job search help, I was well prepared and able to find a job quickly.”

Daria B.


Certified Professional Consultants In Rhode Island and Massachusetts


It All Started In 1995

Occupational Resource Network was established in 1995 by Stephanie Hart Nowell and Nancy Segreve.  Since then, their Certified Rehabilitation Counselors and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses are trusted professionals in vocational rehabilitation services and have a long track record of successful outcomes. They bring years of knowledge and experience that positions them as not only experts in their respective fields, but equips them to handle a variety of cases, regardless of the complexity.


Our Process - Vocational Rehabilitation

Occupational Resource Network Certified Vocational Consultants

What Can I Expect?

Occupational Resource Network’s vocational rehabilitation counselors are experienced nurses that will conduct a thorough review of your case and set a plan of action for bridging the gap between rehabilitation and returning to the workforce.

We will review your medical records and interview you to conduct a vocational evaluation and assess your work readiness. We will then aid you in finding a position in a career field  that integrates your new skill set. Finally, we will help train you for the new position and suggest worksite and job modifications to accommodate your physical needs.

By utilizing this methodical approach, our goal is to facilitate employment which, in the long term, results in an income that is comparable to the earnings you had prior to your injury.

In-Depth Consultation

We weigh all past, present, and future medical documentation and factors that will weigh into your decision and ability to return to work.

Finding the Right Fit

We will work directly with you to make sure you end up in a new position that fits perfectly with financial and personal fulfillment goals.

Thorough Adaptation

We advocate for your right to accommodation through worksite and job modification. We will also help you train on the work site to get you feeling right back into the swing of things.

Ready To Speak To A Vocational Consultant

Our certified vocational rehabilitation experts are ready to help with your case.


Vocational Assistance For A Variety Of Needs

Occupational Resource Network’s Certified Rehabilitation Counselors are here to help you reenter the workforce after a long lay-off due to physical injury or long term illness.

We can help you get the proper accommodation and training to return to your old position, or help you find a brand new career that better fits your rehabilitation needs. Our goal is to help you find work that results in an income comparable to your earnings before your life changing event, and feel comfortable while doing so.

No matter the details or complexity of your case, it is our goal to help you secure suitable long term employment and regain the satisfaction that comes from hard day’s work and a job well done.

Job Site Assessment

We help you and your new employer design a job site and work station that fits your needs and accommodations.

Career Counseling

Our clinical experiences help us identify what may be the best career choice for you and helps you train for eventual employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Our services aid in helping you get your mind and body ready to return to employment through targeted rehabilitation and career training programs.

Catastrophic Injury

We help victims of life-changing injuries coordinate their treatment to help plan and provide consistent care based on best practices for their needs.

Our Mission:

To provide customized and creative services necessary to resolve the complex issues employees and employers face in the workplace.